We make our own work internally, but that's not enough. Caged Bird thrives when new voices are welcomed into the fold. That's why we want to hear from you, no matter what creative discipline you are in.

Submit that script you've been working on. Tell us about your directing background, or your dream project. Are you a lighting, sound, or set designer? Send us images, videos or recordings of your work. Or, just your CV and a brief message - however you best present whatever it is you're about. We'd love to hear from all creative disciplines.

We also love a good coffee. Jasper perhaps a bit too much.

So introduce yourself!


For writers: if you're submitting a script to us, please do so in a .pdf format to our Literary department via, with the subject line 'scripts'. 

All other creatives: Introduce yourself in any way you think tells us who you are. When in doubt, a CV and an introduction to you/your work/what you want to do is a great start. If you want to submit images or videos (including video/audio introductions), pop them in an online drive and attach the link in the email.

General introductions/enquiries/invites -

Jasper Frost (Artistic Director) -

Patrick Swain (Literary Manager) -

We look forward to working with you!

All paid job opportunities/call-outs will be regularly updated on this page.