theatre 2020

The nuclear plays




When their father suddenly dies, estranged siblings, Lex and Jack, are forced together; his ashes need scattering and his work needs finishing. But who their father was and what he really loved seems to have been ripped apart, split between the two of them. A playful examination of family, reconnection and sibling rivalry, Fission takes the audience through nuclear laboratories, wakes and the Lake District. 




Jim seals himself off from the world every day - literally. Wrapped in duct tape and a gas mask, this is simply his life working in a nuclear reactor. But life behind the mask is becoming increasingly difficult and, much like the reactor itself, Jim’s life has become one of constantly avoiding a meltdown. Reactor is a hilarious and shattering new play about hanging onto sanity for dear life, the invisibility of mental illness, and the difficulty of connecting in a world where so many people wish to be sealed away.

The Nuclear Plays were first performed as a double bill at the Drayton Arms Theatre in March 2020.

Reactor began work in conjunction with Pants on Fire Co. in 2020, and was developed and shepherded to performance by Caged Bird. It is a Born in D&D show, having been informed by open space sessions regarding the portrayal of mental health in the arts.


Jasper Frost


Ewan Pollitt


Nell Baker, Geraint Rhys, Ewan Pollitt