theatre 2019



Olivia is the next big thing in Hollywood. James knows it. So he pitches her the newest script to land on his desk - a high-octane action flick, with a torrid love story between the heroine and a terrorist. If he can persuade her, he's got the perfect product. But Olivia can't even get a word in - in a meeting that's supposedly all about her, James is projecting a dark side beneath the niceties. If she can just make it through the meeting, she might just be on the cusp of success. 

In this new version, Mark Ravenhill's Hollywood monologue was reimagined as a two-hander, with a silent female performer as our protagonist in a post-MeToo vision of the film industry.

Product was performed at the Catalyst Festival in 2019 at the Backstage Theatre in Mountview.


Jasper Frost

written BY

Mark Ravenhill


Sophie Kisilevsky, Ewan Pollitt

produced by

Paige Evans



Audience feedback (anonymous):

★ ★ ★ ★ ★. Such a remarkable, thrilling performance. I want more of it!”
Every aspect was stunning. Funny, tense, turned on a sixpence. Just blown away.”
“Incredible. Faultless. So thrilling”
Could have watched another hour. Brilliant, brilliant cast, lighting, and direction. 10/10
Couldn’t imagine it done any differently.”
“Brilliant and fresh