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Displaced back home, isolated in a quiet Northern town near Manchester, Jake returns as a semi-adult to his childhood bedroom. Caught between unbearable loneliness and a desperate need to escape, he finds himself in a state of survival.

So when an old friend offers him the passenger seat in a high-stakes rally driving club, a new-found taste for adrenaline fuels his desire for freedom. A coming-of-age/action film about finishing the growing-up process, shooting in the Peak District in 2022.

Adapted from a feature-length script by Patrick Swain, this short film explores small-town claustrophobia and making the unsafe choice. It is an alternative take on the coming-of-age genre, about adults rather than teenagers, and is a love letter to the North of England and those who grew up outside the city.


Jasper Frost & Patrick Swain

written BY

Patrick Swain



Produced by

Caged Bird 

in partnership with

Jim Topliss 

Cinematography by