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The Nuclear Plays

by Ewan Pollitt

FISSION’: When their father suddenly dies, Lex and Jack are forced together; his ashes need scattering and his work needs finishing. But who their father was and what he really loved seems to have been ripped apart, split between the two of them. A playful examination of family, reconnection and sibling rivalry, Fission takes the audience through nuclear laboratories, wakes and the Lake District. 


REACTOR’: Jim seals himself off from the world every day - literally. Wrapped in duct tape and a gas mask, this is simply his life working in a nuclear reactor. But life behind the mask is becoming increasingly difficult and, much like the reactor itself, Jim’s life has become one of constantly avoiding a meltdown. Reactor is a hilarious and shattering new play about hanging onto sanity for dear life, the invisibility of mental illness, and the difficulty of connecting in a world where so many people wish to be sealed away.


The Nuclear Plays were first performed at the Drayton Arms Theatre, London, from 12-14 March 2020 with the following cast:


Lex Nell Baker

Jack Geraint Rhys


Jim Ewan Pollitt


Director Jasper Frost

Playwright Ewan Pollitt

Producer Jonathan Taylor

Literary Manager Patrick Swain

Tech Operator Joe McInally

Production Photographer Stefan Hanegraaf

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Stagedoor Audience Favourite Award 2018 - winner

"The ambition is palpable " - Exeposé ★★★★½ 


"Caged Bird aren't afraid to think big. Gripping, humorous and thought-provoking" - Views From The Gods ★★★★ 


"Strong, snappy, funny and varied" - Broadway Baby


"Tight, funny, tragic, often devastating" - Lesley-Ann Jones


By Patrick Swain

Jude, a therapist, meets her girlfriend's reclusive flatmate. He spends his time inside drinking Capri Suns. He also claims to be God. But when one of Jude’s patients comes to her having had visions of a strange man in his flat, she finds herself caught up in the birth of John’s new religion. Neon is a bold new play that explores loneliness, death and transcendence, and the potential to find faith in the unlikeliest of spaces.


Neon was first performed at Roborough Studios in Exeter on 4 June 2018, before moving to StuFF Festival at Nottingham New Theatre on 17 June 2018, and finishing a sell-out run at the Camden Fringe, London, on 8 August 2018. The cast was as follows: 


Jude  Olivia Denton

Thomas  Ben Mallett

Matthew  Stuart Duncan

John Doe  James Murphy

Sarah  Siobhan McAuley

Freya  Molly Barber


For the 2018 Camden Fringe, Samuel James took over from Stuart Duncan and Patrick Swain took over from Ben Mallett.


Director Jasper Frost

Playwright Patrick Swain

Producer Jonathan Taylor

Assistant Producer Bridie Shine

Sound/Lighting Designer Seb Clarkson

Props/Stage Management Roshi Cowen & Roisin McCay-Hines

Tech Operator David Taylor

Poster Photographer Stefan Hanegraaf

Production Photographer Roshi Cowen