This is a call-out.

Caged Bird is producing a festival of new work. A 2-week festival, made up of 3 full length plays, produced by us, made by you


We are looking for exciting, passionate emerging playwrights and directors who are wanting to work with all-new collaborators, platform each other's work and find new projects to take forward. 


Upon being selected, we will pair you with a director if you're a playwright, or a playwright if you're a director. This will be decided through an interview process, where we will get to know you and what sort of work you care about. We will pair you with someone who we think you will have a good working chemistry with, and who will positively stretch your work in new directions. The whole idea is for you to partner with someone you may not have otherwise had the chance to work with/learn from. 

Each playwright/director will get:


- A 3-week rehearsal process and a 4-night show run, fully produced by Caged Bird.

- The chance to work in a COVID-safe rehearsal room, in the same building as the 2 other companies. The aim here is that all pairings form one collective under Caged Bird, sharing breakout spaces, bouncing ideas, and learning from one another. 

- Tickets for theatre trips (paid for by us) so that we can all feed our imaginations, share in live experience, and have shared material to discuss afterwards. 

- A total fee of £1000 each. 


We are committed to inclusivity as a company, and so do not want to create any unnecessary hurdles. In our opinion, this festival will be best suited to playwrights who have not been professionally programmed or commissioned before, and directors who consider themselves to be early-careerHowever, don't overthink this. If you're thinking of applying, try us. We want to see what you've got to say.

Caged Bird is committed to equal opportunities. We want to hear from creatives of all backgrounds and identities, but actively encourage applications from individuals who identify as female/non-binary, LGBTQIA+, a POC, disabled or working class.