What is Caged Bird?

In short: we're a theatre company. In not so short: we're an award-winning team of collaborators who make the art that we ourselves are hungry for. We have pretty big appetites.

Our work is arresting, honest and empathic.

When your expectations are surpassed, disrupted, and you feel implicated in the stories we tell, we have achieved our goal.

From the moment you enter the theatre, a Caged Bird show 

should feel personal, electric, different.

We work with an ever-growing pool of collaborators from a variety of creative disciplines, including performance, design, literature, photography and more. We care about constantly expanding to meet new collaborators from a variety of backgrounds, identities, and disciplines.


That's why we're working on a development program to platform artists whose voices we haven't heard yet, and who are seeking to achieve the same thing as us - to think big, personally address modern audiences, and explore the complexities of our world through imagination. 

Praise from those who've seen our work:

"Caged Bird aren't afraid to think big" - Views from the Gods

"The ambition is palpable" - Exeposé

"Strongsnappy, funny and varied" - Broadway Baby

Stagedoor Audience Favourite Award 2018 - *winner*

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